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Home Sweet Home

Have you ever noticed that most doctor's office waiting rooms are populated with a variety of greenery (real or silk), fish tanks and pictures on the wall? How impractical is this? Chances are that when you are sick, you will see the doctor anyway, regardless of how pretty their waiting room is. It would cost the office a lot less not to add these dust catchers to a waiting area. So why do they do it? Well, it is a plan. These little "homey" touches are meant to have a calming effect on anybody who has to spend any time in there. Admit it, you sit more sedately when there is something to look at, but get restless when your eyes can't land on anything interesting! This is the way humans work. Take all the trinkets/curiosities/pictures out of your living room and sit there for awhile. I can almost guarantee that you will feel that something isn't "right" in a very short order. We all need bits of personality hanging about our real houses, so it follows that we need it in a mini setting too. The projects I have chosen are meant to give your mini house a bit of extra personality. Have fun!

Rubber Duck, you're the one!

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If you are a fimo beginner, this is a most satisfying project to do because of the simple design and quick construction.

Small amount of yellow, brown, orange fimo
Small knitting needle or a darning needle
ceramic tile (to work on, optional)



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Every house needs plants. It is the rule! This simple fern will brighten up any dark corner.


Green florist tape
Aleene's (or another high quality) glue
Sharp scissors
crayola model magic (or other air drying medium)
mini dirt (can be dried tea leaves, or railway model dirt)
Wooden turning/bead/commercial pot
acrylic paint